About me

Working with this technique requires concentration, a strong hand and a positive attitude. But I also have to say that mental creativity calms, gives me space to sense and grow. It is impossible to create without love and I believe that you can feel love in my creations.

My name is Martina Benková and I paint pictures with acrylic paint on fibrewood, plywood or special cardboard surfaces.

Like many other mothers, I myself had to adapt to family life and my four wonderful children. Fortunately, they don’t need me “Full-Time” anymore, so I can fulfill my desire to make, paint or create things that delighted and amused me since I was young.

I paint without any sort of template or pattern thus every piece is unique and unrepeatable. Each one is therefore an original emitting waves of energy, love and care just like how every piece was created.

I don’t know if it’s a gift or a skill, but I am thankful for it.